F e a t u r e s

- Uses Single/Dual Pentium 100 - 233MHz MMX
- I
ntegrated SVGA w/ LCD Flat Panel
- Ultra Wide SCSI II
- USB Suppor
- Easy system upgrades via floppy

The PCpd233 offers the ultimate in computing power and performance. A PCI/AT Dual Pentium based computer, it integrates single or dual Intel 233 MHz Pentium MMX and 100-200MHz. There are four configurations available which lets you choose the SVGA and SCSI options. The SVGA option features a LCD panel connector. Equipped with Phoenix BIOS, the PCPD233 autoconfigures and offers a full featured selection menu for complete control over initial setup to achieve optimum performance in a specific application environment. In addition, the system BIOS resides in a Flash EEPROM, enabling easy system upgrades via floppy. With extremely low MTTR, high MTBF, very high performance, and low power dissipation, the PCPD233 is critical for any demanding application.

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