F e a t u r e s

- Uses single Intel 333-450MHz Pentium II processors
- Supports 32-512MB of on-board SDRAM memory with Error Checking and Corrction (ECC)
- Dual high sped local bus Extended IDE interface
- USB Support
- Easy upgrades via floppy

The PCpt450 Series integrates Intel Pentium II processors 333-450MHz. The SBC integrates on-board Dual high speed local bus Extended IDE interface with Ultra DMA/33 support, floppy controller, two high speed 16550 serial ports, one bi-dirctional parallel port with EP/EPP support, infrared communications, mouse port, keyboard port, CPU temperatur sensors, and speaker.
Equipped with AMI Bios, the PCpt450 series auto configurs and offers a full featurd selection menu for complete control over initial setup to achieve optimum performance in a specific application environment. The system BIOS resides in a Flash EEPROM enabling easy system upgrades via floppy.

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